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An-Marie B.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hi, I visited Adelaide recently to look at the education of children with visual impairment - it's what I do here in England. On our last day I visited Glenelg and saw beadID and had to have one - I got Charlie to remind me of the blue sea and my shiny day at Glenelg. Since coming home everyone I meet at work - and I work across the county of Northamptonshire - comments on my beadID! I decided I would search to see if I could get more online - hurrah I can and have just bought two more - Smiley and Tiffany. I cannot wait to stun every one again. Now I know your website I will be telling everyone - so be prepared for many more orders from over here. Just a thought - have you thought of using turquoise as part of your semi-precious beads?

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